Vibrating Eggs

The rise of vibrating egg sex toys in the market has been huge in the last few years. Many a video has gone viral of naughty couples experimenting with these vibrating sex eggs both at home and in public. The beauty of them is that they are not limited to home use like many vibrators or sex enhancers, they are portable, they are water-proof (obviously!) and you can use them on the go as part of your spicy sex games or for a mischievous sexual dare.

Discreet Remote Control

With the handy-sized remote control that can easily be hidden in your hand, on a key fob, or kept in a pocket/bag you can take the fun wherever you want. Get your partner to test the intensity levels in an appropriate place. The branded eggs are not visible and can be hidden nicely inside you while you are roaming around. Everyone around you will be totally oblivious to the fact that you are secretly shaking with pleasure below the belt. Your cheeky grin and lustful eyes may give it away but that can be assumed as a flirtatious manner or natural exuberance.

Public and Private Naughtiness

If you do it in a busy area you could get embarrassed as they are extremely powerful and create intense surges of pleasure. You could be screaming and fidgeting with ecstasy while ordering a burger or find yourself sharing with delight whilst waiting for the bus. The fun aspect is that your partner can turn the frequency up and down at their own discretion. They could tease you with short sharp bursts or leave it consistently low for the whole time you are out so when you get back, they are in for a real treat!

Lots of Fun and Naughtiness!

Love Eggs can intensify your sexual pleasure wherever and whenever you desire. They are particularly proficient in enhancing orgasms and heightening climax and are equally adept in foreplay and penetration use. The multi-faceted design is suitable for a number of pleasure-inducing body parts as you explore your own and your partner’s body including around the anus, the G-spot, clitoris, nipples, penis, and perineum. The vibrating love egg can be used as a solo item or shared with a partner to optimize the pleasures it creates.

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