Duo Penetrator

Double penetrator toys for twice the fun! Sometimes one just isn’t enough, sometimes you want more, sometimes you need more, and those times you need double penetration. Double the penetration, double the pleasure, the double penetrator is waiting for you. Whether you want to play alone, for complete control of your pleasure zones, or indulge in some couple of fun times, the choice is yours. Maybe you are getting bored of bedroom time and want to push those boundaries, raise your pulses, and set those g-spots tingling! Whatever your reason, turn the lights down low, switch off your phones, shut the curtains, and get ready for your pleasure zones to heat up!

Sex is meant to be fun, not boring, not the same day after day, night after night. Step away from the boredom, to boredom-busting double penetration delight! At The Pleasure Club, we believe in pleasure, your pleasure. So, whatever you fancy, take a look. From double penetrator toys to anal toys, for classic vibrators or a fun cock ring, for dildos or a simple sex toy, we have it, here at The Pleasure Club. All our orders are discretely packaged, so only you will know the pleasure that awaits you, as you thank the postman…

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