Anal Toys

The delights of anal sex are not for everyone and that should be respected but there are a lot of people sat on the fence when it comes to a bit of bum fun. If you aren’t sure, you have nothing to lose by trying it or at least being open to the idea. With an open mind, you can educate yourself on the best way to get into it. Many will tell you that experimenting with
sex toys for anal sex is a great way to introduce yourself to this form of sexual interaction.

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Something For Everyone

The various toys for anal play can be erotic, aesthetically pleasing, practical, big or small, colourful, ribbed…basically anything you want them to be. There are both male apparatus and anal toys for women which can be used for solo purposes or joint efforts. Butt-plugs and specific dildos are popular, as are anal vibrators, douches and enemas wether you are an experienced buttock basher or a eleatively new backdoor beginner.

Slow and Steady

First timers may feel some discomfort and we would always advise a gentle warm up with the fingers and some lubricant before the anal party really begins. It makes little sense to dive straight in with a humpungous didlo when there are delicate little anal beads available to break you in slowly bit by bit. Product experts and developers have the knolwedge and expereince to produce a vast range of specifically sized and shaped anal toys for the novice right up to the nightly regular.

Intimate Pleasures

Always be precautionary, you don’t want to hurt yourself with the latest prostate massager until you have comfortably established what exactly you can fit, take and sustain around the tip before going for any deeper delights. Once you are in the groove and feel confident enough to relax and enjoy ypurself then perhaps slowly move up through the anal sex toy gears. There is a comprehensive selection for you and your partner to level-up your anal game and explore each other in a way like never before.

Find the best anal sex toys from The Pleasure Club. Shop our great range of anal toys designed for anyone looking to explore the pleasures of anal sex.

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