There has never been a better time to start enjoying yourself! Life is for living, not just for boring bedtimes. So, if you have never tried any sex toys, why not take a look through our best sex toys for beginners guide and see what might tickle your fancy? We are all different and are all turned on by different things, so finding the best sex toy for you is so important. Some sex toys are great for solo plays and others are perfect for couples fun time! Whether you want to try something new or add a little variety to your sex life, we will have the ideal sex toy for your pleasure.

At The Pleasure Club, we know something about pleasure, so you can be sure that every sex toy that we sell has been chosen for pleasure! All our products are discreetly packaged so that the only person who knows the pleasure that awaits is you! Whether you fancy a bullet or a butt plug, a vibrator or a masturbator, we have them all. So, what are you waiting for, there is a world of excitement, delight, and pleasure waiting for you, come and find it!

The Best Wand Vibrator

A great place to start with your pleasure adventure is with a wand vibrator. This gives you the satisfaction of penetration combined with a great range of vibrations. Sometimes a gentle pulse is all you need, while sometimes nothing is better than drumming the stress out of your body with a high setting giving you a body tingling vibrating deep penetration. Whatever your mood, our best wand vibrator, the happy rabbit will oblige. Its dual-purpose design gives you the options of penetration or clitoris pleasing ears for laugh-out-loud delight. The happy rabbit is a great sex toy for beginners and is a fun couples toy. You will both get pleasure from turning each other on, and if you fancy solo play, you will certainly enjoy your own pleasure!

Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Wand Vibrator Black

Great Dual Vibrators Just For You

A dual vibrator does exactly what it says, two things at once. And what is better than one source of pleasure? Two, of course! Dual vibrators delight both internally and externally giving your senses a double dose of insane pleasure. Make sure your windows are firmly closed, so you don’t have to keep the volume down! We love the ultimate rabbit No. 3 rechargeable vibe for awesome enjoyment. This is another great choice for beginner’s sex toys, for solo play, or couples’ delight.

Ultimate Rabbit No.3 Rechargeable Vibe

Egg Vibrator For Beginner Fun

An egg vibrator is a great sex toy for beginners. Simply insert the egg and let the fun begin! Our favorite egg is the Svakom Ella APP Controlled Silicone Vibrating Egg Red. It is controlled by an app, so you can turn up your pleasure at the touch of your finger. Or hand the controls over to your partner, and let them control the intensity of your pleasure! With an incredible range of different settings, your pleasure is guaranteed. The only question is, how long do you want it last? You make the rules!

Svakom Ella APP Controlled Silicone Vibrating Egg Red

Flexible Dildo For Beginners

For a great beginner sex toy take a look at the Being Fetish 6 Inch Dildo with Balls. With its realistic look, you can enjoy all the fun of penetrating pleasure. Easy to use for solo play, it comes with a suction base that can be stuck on anywhere…the only limit is your imagination! Or it can be used as a strap-on for couples time. This is a perfect size for beginners, but take a look at our range of dildos if you fancy something larger. We all know size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts, but, sometimes a great big dildo is just the ticket to get those senses pounding, get your heart racing and your blood pumping. Whatever you fancy, we can provide it, take a look and make your pick.

Being Fetish 6 Inch Dildo with Balls

Cock Rings Are The Best Sex Toys

Do you want an erection that is longer and harder? Do you want to be bought to a more satisfying and intense climax? Of course, you do! Get a cock ring! Our incredible Rocks Off Xerus Ultimate Power Rechargeable Cock Ring delivers pulsing power that will surge through you and your partner, delivering incredible orgasmic pleasure. Cock rings are some of the best sex toys for beginners, and they certainly spice up sex. Simply slide on once erect and let your pleasure mount up, they deliver an amazing addition to regular sex and will give you a real taste of how much fun you can have with sex toys. Once you have tried a cock ring, there will be no more staying late at the office, or evening meetings, you will be watching the clock counting down to the end of the day.

Rocks Off Xerus Ultimate Power Rechargeable Cock Ring

Beginners Butt Plug For Incredible Pleasure

Our pleasure centres aren’t confined to just one place. Experimenting with anal pleasuring can give you a whole other dimension to your sensations. Butt plugs are a great starting point for beginners, just remember to start small, lube up, and let your body take over. Our Pink Gem Glass Anal Plug Set is an ideal choice for first-time anal fun. This set gives you a range of sizes, so you can take it easy and then build up the size, and intensity as you feel comfortable. You can play solo or with a partner, and you can combine the anal plugs with other sex toys for mind-blowing sensational orgasms. Our bodies are incredible at giving us pleasure, all we need to do is find the key to unlock the gates. Experiment, enjoy and excite yourself with our amazing range of beginner sex toys.

Pink Gem Glass Anal Plug Set

The Best First Masturbators

Masturbators are excellent sex toys for male pleasure. Our range gives you an incredible choice, whether you want to replicate the sensation of deep penetrating sex, or delight yourself with oral pleasures, we have something for you. Sometimes a little solo play can be just the thing that you need, so you can lie back and simply enjoy the sensations. For the first choice for oral fun, we recommend the Realstuff Lifelike Mouth Vibrating Stroker. We love the range of intensities and patterns that this gives you, for spine-tingling pleasure, you control the pace, the style, and the speed. The only question will be how long will you last?

Realstuff Lifelike Mouth Vibrating Stroker

For Beginner Sex Toys Start With A Rabbit Vibrator

Everyone loves a rabbit! Those cute ears are just crying out for clitoris-pleasing. Twirl them, stroke them, caress them and let yourself be carried away on a sea of sensational pleasure. We know a thing or two about fun, and rabbit vibrators are the best! We have a bunny-licious range, so go ahead and take a peek and see what gets your imagination going. Our pick of the best for an all-around first toy is the Taboom My Favorite Rabbit Vibe, with its cute ears just waiting to excite you! Vibrators are brilliant to use alone but are equally exciting for couples’ fun. Nothing turns us on more than watching other people get excited. So why not lie back and let your partner bring you to climax, again and again, and again.

Taboom My Favorite Rabbit Vibe

Suction Cup Dildo For Extra Fun

A suction cup dildo is perfect for solo play. The powerful suction cup means that you can fasten your dildo anywhere. Look around you and let your imagination take over. Play out fantasies, indulge yourself, pleasure yourself over and over again, slide yourself up and down, as deep and as hard as you want. You are in control, you’re the boss, your pleasure is entirely in your hands. Simply pick your size, as big as you can handle, and open up a world of excitement. For those who think they can manage it, we have the awe-inspiring King Cock Plus 10 Inch Triple Density Cock With Balls. Are you ready for it?

King Cock Plus 10 Inch Triple Density Cock With Balls

Sex Toys For You

Sex is meant to be fun, but often we get stuck in our same old routines, our same rituals. We forget to be adventurous, we forget to explore our bodies and our lover’s bodies. We forget that we are designed to have incredible orgasms and to delight in the amazing sensations that we can create. Sex toys remind us that sex is fun, they are brilliant for couples who are feeling a little bored in the bedroom, or for singles who just want to enjoy themselves.

There are endless different designs and styles and it can be hard to know where to start. Think about what you enjoy, what’s your favourite part of sex? Do you love it deep and hard? Or do love oral pleasuring? Does anal play make you horny? Work out what you like. Then delve into your fantasies and think of all the things you have wanted to try but have never dared…It’s your body and your life, so let your hair down, and embrace your desires. It’s up to you. Why not pick something you know you will love, and something you have never tried. Be brave, be bold, be curious.

There is a world of pleasure waiting for you, there are endless gasps of pleasure, and toe-curling orgasms, all you have to do is take the next step. Head over to our shop and start to browse. Remember all our products are designed for you and delivered discreetly, so only you will know the pleasure that awaits you. Come on over and unleash your desires.